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Daniela Dallavalle

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n love with life…
The Elisa Cavaletti range is designed by Daniela Dallavalle for women who want the freedom to lose and rediscover themselves every day. Wrapped in sophisticated, comfortable clothes, they experience encounters, journeys, glances, fragrances and flavours. The total look appeals to women of all ages all over the world who share the same love for life, attention to detail and great sensitivity to the innate beauty in everything around us. The Elisa Cavaletti woman is cheerful, loves learning new things and listens to herself. She is fond of sharing, good company, the Italian sense of wellbeing and showing respect for other people and nature.
Elisa Cavaletti has revived exclusively Italian art in the most profound sense of the term, but it caters to the needs of contemporary life. The clothes are easy to wear, unique and perfect for any occasion, from the most important ceremonies to everyday events. Every garment has its own story to tell, but all of the clothes are also interconnected in space and time, like the pages of a book. Daniela Dallavalle’s art is rousing and astounding, with its prints, shapes and overlapping colours, fabrics, gradually emerging exquisite detailing and accessories, which blend memories with materials and emotions with crystals, wood and metal.
Daniela Dallavalle
Daniellla Dalavalle Dress ELP172030713 Image

Daniellla Dalavalle Dress ELP172030713
Daniella Dallavalle Dress 172030713

Daniella Dalavalle Jacket which with applique Image

Daniella Dalavalle Jacket which with applique
Stunning fitted jacket with applique

Daniella Dalavalle shift dress with applique Image
Amalfi Shirt by Elisa Cavaletti Image

Amalfi Shirt by Elisa Cavaletti
Crisp cotton white shirt with silver embellishment